Life Insurance in Mechanicsburg and Central Pennsylvania

Our only Insurance Company is Erie Family Life. They offer Term Insurance (1yr, 5yr, 10yr, 15yr, 20yr, 30yr terms), Universal and Whole Life Insurance (cash value policies), IRA's, Annuities and various other life insurance products.
Common reasons for obtaining Life Insurance...
  • Protecting against debt such as a Mortgage, Credit Card balances and/or other loans.
  • The future expense of a child's education (College Planning)
  • The current expense of a child's day care.
  • Protecting your future earnings or lost income against the everyday expenses.
  • Short term expenses such as monies for funeral, burial or medical expenses.
  • To assist or protect your Retirement Income.
"Annuities can be an excellent alternative to a low interest baring CD or saving account."

Complete Your Life Insurance Calculator

Knowing how much Life Insurance to purchase can be a tough and overwhelming decision. There are many things in our lives that are to be considered. Mortgage loans, a child's future education, daycare expenses and your family's current lifestyle are just a few of the concerns. Erie Family Life Insurance Company has developed a "Life Insurance Calculator" to assist in helping you make that valuable decision on knowing how much life insurance you will need to protect your family. Our agency invites you to click on the link below to find your answer.
Life Insurance Calculator
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